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Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspired by... curlicues


You may remember from my Cinderella post that I have a fondness for curlicues. Well, this past weekend I encountered all the curlicues (and bees!) a girl could want and I didn't have to climb through a pumpkin patch to get 'em!












Yup, I've been playin' with Kim's textures again... so fun!  There is a list at the end, if you're interested.

I just love finding and photographing patterns in nature! I could have spent hours just taking pictures of this vine and trying to capture more (I only achieved one!) of the thousands of bees that swarmed around gathering it's sweet nectar. If anyone knows what kind it is, please share. The blossoms look like tiny sweet peas!

This beautiful vine was growing proudly along High street in Comfort, Texas. We were there for an "invasion" which I'll share with you later this week. It was my first visit to Comfort and I must say, I was charmed!


What's your favorite (non human) thing to photograph?





Textures used: Photo 1: Thursday (overlay 100%) + vintage (multiply 100%) Photo 2: ifonly (pin light 66%) Photo 3: canvas magic (screen 100%) + atjoy (darken 100%) Photo 4: paperstainedmusic (hardlight 38%) + waterstainedframe (lighten 61%) Photo 5: Ugglove sepia (color 100%)


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  1. Very nice. I think I like #4 and #5 best. I like the play of the light on the edges of the flower petals and I like the selective color treatment of the last photo so the bee really stands out.

  2. Very cool. Nice compositions and texturing. Thank you.


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