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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Inspired by... the little things


We had a birth at our house this week!

Actually, two births!




Last month I shared with you about the swallows on our back porch. 

The first round of babies were fledging and there was a lot of excitement around here!

(I also shared a recipe for No Melt Suet.  Which may come in handy, since nearly everyone is melting this summer.)

Well, this week, the excitement is all about the

two new baby Barn Swallows

that just hatched!  That's one of the eggs pictured above.

I haven't seen them yet, they're only about 3 days old, but I've heard them callin' their momma!

So sweet!

When Kim Klassen announced her theme for this week, "It's the little things," I just knew I had to share about the new babies!

I absolutely love Kim's texture, Waterstained Frame!


Here's the recipe for the image above:


I just love what the texture did for the background photo, which is actually the top of a box I purchased at a craft store.

I love boxes and baskets 'cause they hide my junk help organize my stuff! and look so pretty doing it!

What's your favorite way to hide organize your junk stuff?





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kimklassencafe and then, she {snapped}


  1. Love the frame in frame effect with the texture!! and the eggshell with the bird print - so clever!!

  2. Everything about this is wonderful. I like how added an inset in the frame - congrats on the newborns!

  3. I just watched this morning the baby wrens fledge from the nest. Thanks for sharing. V

  4. I love what you did with this. The photo on top of a very similar background. Very nice.

  5. Oh, how exciting... and right at your backyard, too! I would love to see the little birdies hatching. =)

  6. i love that texture too. i need to experiment with it some more. lovely work.


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