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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Inspired by... Job


Job, as in, the Old Testament, lost his entire family, livelihood and health in one day, Job.

Doesn't sound very inspiring to you?

It's God's response to Job (and his friends) that inspires me.

It reminds me that God is God and I.am.not.

(and aren't we all thankful for that!)


Am I always (key word: always):

-quick to forgive

-extend mercy

-show compassion

-love unconditionally


God is.



God has.

Here's (a few) other (inspiring) things God has done:

-laid the earth's foundations

-supported the sea at it's birth

-called up the dawn

-taught the morning to grasp the fringes of the earth

-walked in the unfathomable deep

-visited the storehouses of snow

-cleared a path for a thunderbolt

-Fathered the rain and sired a drop of dew

Read them again.

They are awesome, poetic, frightening.

Can you comprehend the power, the majesty, the huge-ness of such a God?

Our God.

The God who loves (insert your name here).

Loves you enough to do the most awesome, poetic, frightening thing of all:


So that all who believe in Him, will not die, but have eternal life.

What's your favorite thing about God?






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  1. Well said!!! This is a very nice picture also.

  2. My mama's favorite book of the Bible was Job and for years I thought that was rather an odd choice, but through time I have come to love Job too.
    Thanks for your encouraging comment on my photo and verse. :)


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