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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Inspired by... serendipity


Welcome to another...


Where I share the unexpected and wonderful things from the past week.


Have you heard about The Nester's 31 day challenge?



Wow! Over 700 bloggers have linked up to share 31 days of posts on a topic of their choice. Here are just a few examples:

31 days to...

...change the world; photo tips; get it together; free printable; emerging from the chaos; parenting teens & tweens; mentoring training; a better ordinary, organized home; living with purpose; joy; intentional living; autumn goodness; joyful parenting; good reads; waiting; abiding; prayer; motherhood; cleaning routine; faith; homeschooling... again, wow! I scanned through all 746 topics and did not spot one repeat! There is something here for everyone and every topic!

Click HERE to go to all the great links!


Instant Craft Stash!



When my mom moved to Texas a year ago she brought with her two generations of miscellaneous craft supplies.  Seriously, you have no idea. We must have sorted through twenty boxes last Saturday and probably could have kept going for another two hours! The good news is, mom's sharing her 60+ year old stash with me!



There is a lot of ribbon and beads, sequins, etc. the usual stuff you would expect to find. But we also found some great wooden spools, old lace and these quilt squares:



I've never done any quilting, but my friend, M.E. is a pro and making these into a lap quilt would be a good beginner project...


...or maybe a pillow? What do you think?

I'll be sharing more from my new "stash" over the next weeks as I complete some planned Christmas crafts.


What serendipitous finds did you have this week?




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