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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Inspired by... gratitude


Wondering where Serendipity Sunday is this week? Truth is, I'm going to be out of town for the next couple of days, so I hope you won't mind if I mix things up a bit this week.

I missed participating in Kim's Texture challenge last week and knew I didn't want to miss again this week, especially since the theme is gratitude.

There is so much that I am grateful for. And it is when I think on these things that I find myself most happy and content.

Although I am definitely a summer girl, one of the things I love about fall is that this time of year people begin to actively think about the Blessings they have Received, Giving Thanks and Being Grateful. Dear ones, the very essence of thankfulness, exhibiting an attitude of gratitude is a BIG part of the answer to those "why am I here" and "what is the meaning of life?" questions.

So what image would best exemplify what I'm grateful for? I thought about doing a collage of family and friends. Or sticking with the Thanksgiving theme and photographing some of my fall decor. (I'm trying to get more comfortable (and better) at staging shots and working with still life.)

In the end, I decided to go with an image of the one thing I am most grateful for in my life.


Eternal Life

John_3_16_Original Original


John_3_16_Blue Layers Adjustment; Kim's theladder texture exclusion 100%; Kim's fallin texture overlay 100%


Playing with these textures this week reminded me of the change that happens when we confess Jesus as Lord and the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us. We are changed, just like the textures changed the picture above and below. The Bible calls us a new creation. And I am oh, so very thankful to be one!


John_3_16_Dark Layers Adjustment; Kim's theladder texture exclusion 100%; Kim's fallin texture overlay 100%; theladder exclusion 100%


Remember, God takes you as you are...

...but He doesn't leave you that way.




PS Check back on Wednesday for some unexpected and wonderful things!


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  1. June, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and visiting. This is such a beautiful post...and to that, I simply say, "Amen"! I hope you will be able to come back and follow me now. God bless!

  2. I love the photos, especially the third one...and I appreciate the metaphor of the layed and ever-changing landscape, evidence of the Holy Spirit working within. Just lovely. Thank you for linking up!

  3. Beautiful post and really creative texture work! Beautiful!

  4. I agree that last photo is my favorite also. And I am so glad that the transforming work of the Holy Spirit changes us for the better. It's not always an easy thing to change but in the end I am sure it will be worth it.

  5. Visiting from TT. I love both your sentiments and your photo. Beautifully done.


  6. Amen...truly the greatest gift we've ever recieved.

    So grateful too.

    Hope your day is blessed♥

  7. I love your application of the texture. Great work!


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